Mark Brayne

Given that you’ve come to this site, the chances are that you’re looking for insightful and practical support in working through emotional stress and crisis – midlife, relationship, work, performance, misery old or new of which you’ve just had enough.

If so, working with you we might just be able to make a difference. To get an idea of how I work, I’ve summarised my approach to psychotherapy here.

A former foreign correspondent with the BBC, I specialise as psychotherapist in trauma, anxiety, depression and relationships.

I am an accredited Consultant in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), recommended by NICE for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have also recently (early 2020 and just before my 70th birthday) been diagnosed in very much later life as Aspergers, “on the spectrum” as is the modish description.

This has been mainly a relief, but it does also explain why not everyone who’s known me through these past 70 years has found me an always and entirely easy experience.

Aspergers has given me focus and passion as a journalist, and as campaigner for better reporting and support around trauma.

Perhaps paradoxically I now realise how it also informs my EMDR psychotherapy practice, getting to the root of – and often resolving – a client’s issues with a speed and efficiency that sometimes astonishes me as much as it does my clients.

Following the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, I have switched from working in person to meeting clients and training exclusively online.

As well as working with individuals, I am a qualified psychotherapy supervisor. With my journalistic background I have also supported journalists and news organisations in the reporting and personal impact of traumatic events.

My partner Jutta and I love the landscape of New Zealand, which is where I photographed most of the banner landscapes on this website during cycling tours of the South Island in 2012, and on our tandem Daisy from the very top of Aotearoa (Cape Reinga) to the very bottom (Bluff) in 2016.

If you’re curious about my approach to psychotherapy, journalism (and life, I guess), feel free to browse here, and to download and explore some of the following articles I’ve contributed to various publications. You can read up here on my diagnosis in early 2020, rather late in life, as Aspergers.

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