Trauma Support

When people are exposed to trauma as part of their professional responsibilities, it’s an essential and increasingly clear duty-of-care requirement that they are prepared and supported.

Beforehand, during and after.

Which is where support from a professional who knows both the business and its psychology can make a great difference.

Whether getting you or your team ready for assignments in the field, or helping keep you on the road when you’re out there, or coming alongside to help heal the wounds that you might bring back with you, we”ll talk through with you a tailored approach that works for you.

That might be in the form of team training, conversations on the telephone, or if you can make it to or live in/near London, we’ll do the work face-to-face.

That might be for a few sessions, on demand when you need it, or over a longer period.

It can be tough uphill work, on roads rutted by old and new hurts.

For news organisations, Mark has delivered a stepped training approach drawing especially on the experience of Britain’s Royal Marines, where he’s particularly indebted to the team under Dr Neil Greenberg who developed the Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) approach now being widely introduced across the British military.

Whether with media organisations or with other teams who deal professionally with trauma and extreme human distress, the aim is to build trauma-awareness skills among managers and senior editors, and equip teams and their members to support themselves and each other.

Individual support and coaching, and where appropriate counselling and psychotherapy, is then available in the background for those who might benefit.