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From a view above of Cape Reinga, at the very top of the North Island of New Zealand (setting off on a tandem tour 2000 miles to bluff at the other end of NZ), the following links will take you to an eclectic selection of articles and resources, mostly Mark’s own but some in the shape of useful and more general background information.

At Braynework, we’re great fans of the Hoffman Process residential programme for personal change, and both work with clients who’ve done the Process and recommend it to those who haven’t yet.

This is Mark’s article explaining a bit about the background to how childhood trauma can impact our emotional wellbeing as adults, and what can be done to shift it.

EMDR and the Transpersonal – EMDR Now January 2017. Mark’s article for the house journal of the EMDR Association UK & Ireland on the magic of EMDR when used with creative imagination and flair. Which is how we approach this work.

Finding a Therapist – Journalists dealing with the aftermath of trauma don’t always find it easy to ask for help – so here’s a simple outline (relevant for other folk too) of how to set about finding someone suitable in the UK.

Article for the Summer 2006 edition of BACP’s Counselling at Work, summarising how the BBC and other news organisations are implementing trauma awareness and support training.

Journalists and mental health  Nov 2009. With Neil Greenberg, Matthew Gould and Vicky Langston in Journal of Mental Health.

From Our Own Correspondent, BBC, September 2001, on journalism and psychotherapy. A seminal piece setting out the agenda for trauma awareness in journalism, after which Mark went on to lead the introduction of trauma training and support at the BBC.

Emotions, Trauma and Good Journalism. An edited version of an article originally written for the Wildwasser Women’s support project in Berlin on why an understanding of emotions and trauma is so important for journalists and journalism.

Emotions, Trauma & Good Journalism. In International News Reporting: Frontlines and Deadlines. Wiley-Blackwell 2008. For copyright reasons, this is only available in emailed PDF form. If you would like a copy, please email me.

Early Psychosocial Intervention Following Traumatic Events — Bisson et al (1). Co-authored article in the American Journal of Psychiatry, July 2007.

Musings of a Shrack 2004. Keynote address to summer gathering at St Hilda’s College Oxford in Sept 2004 of the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF), on the overlap between journalism and psychotherapy.

The Emotionally Aware Interview. A leaflet of guidance and suggestions.

The_Psychology_of_Climate_Change. A December 2007 article for BACP’s therapy today exploring why humans find it so hard to make the changes needed to stop climate change. If that is possible any longer.

The Personal Experience Of The Foreign Correspondent. MA thesis, De Montfort University (CCPE), 2000.