For Couples

Relationships are not a place where we can keep avoiding harsh truths and realities.

They are hard work. And are meant to be.

As many of the best writers on partnership have argued (John Welwood for example, and Harville Hendrix are personal favourites), relationships are the place where human beings are forced to grow – emotionally,  spiritually,  practically.

When embraced for what it can truly give, a loving, challenging, open and honest relationship is the most powerful personal development workshop on the planet.

Some relationships thrive from the outset.

Others struggle and ultimately fail.

Yet others go through hell, repeatedly, on their way to true partnership. (Ask either Mark or Jutta for our own Braynework story, and you might be surprised, and perhaps even inspired, by how this one couple got there in the end.)

What matters – wherever your relationship has been and is now heading – is that the space between you has the opportunity to become truly conscious, and that you and your partner (of whatever sexual orientation) are prepared to deal with and confront the truth that you share.

That’s a third reality which you co-create, and which, if you choose to go into couple therapy, is the true client.

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And on the theme of cycling, which threads through this website, you’ll have noted our enthusiasm for tandems, which, it has been said, will propel a relationship even faster in the direction it is already travelling.

After our own first-time failed marriage and our now much-more-successful second-time-round, we can confirm the truth of that observation…