Jutta Brayne

As an EMDR Consultant and UKCP registered psychotherapist I bring to my individual and couples work a thorough and comprehensive training in several mainstream therapy modalities.

I take an integrative, person-centred and attachment-informed approach to this work and tailor your therapy to  your needs.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, I specialise in trauma-focused, including developmental trauma, and attachment-informed psychotherapy (Laurel Parnell) and take particular interest in how early childhood experiences and intergenerational inheritance influence present-day difficulties in clients.

My core training in transpersonal psychotherapy at the CCPE in London along with Advanced Psychotherapy and Dreamwork, my Masters degree in transpersonal psychotherapy (De Montfort University, 2007) and transpersonal Couples Therapy as well as my training in Heart Rhythm Meditation underpins my spiritually-based understanding of human suffering and the ability to heal.

I have also worked as High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Psychological Therapist (Anglia Ruskin University and the Oxford Centre for Cognitive Therapy) in the NHS in North Norfolk, where I worked with a wide range of presentations and trauma experiences. 

Having grown up in West Germany, I spent my earlier adult years working and travelling the world, with postings in Moscow, Warsaw, East and West Berlin, Vienna and Beijing.

With three children born during our years in Germany, Central Europe and China, my husband Mark and I now live in his childhood home town of Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast.

I now facilitate on Mark’s trainings in attachment-informed EMDR and offer individual and couples therapy as well as supervision in standard and attachment-informed EMDR. 

Unless otherwise agreed, my fee for a 55-minute session is £130.

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