ONLINE from Devon
Accredited Consultant
EMDR Focus Facilitator
Maxine Sherrel

I am an EMDR Consultant Supervisor and an Accredited Psychotherapist with over two decades of practice experience working in statutory, military, third sector organisations and in private practice. I have a wealth of experience working in organisations specialising in familial/domestic/sexual violence and abuse; cancer and life limiting health conditions; loss and complex bereavement.

I have come to appreciate that regardless of presentation, how we cope with what is happening in the present, is underpinned by how we have been affected by past adverse experiences or trauma. Even where we may not have a defined sense of a specific ‘issue or event’, many clients despite having achieved much success in an area of life, come to therapy troubled by a sense of ‘not being enough’, or feeling unlovable, an outsider, or unable to find meaning or connection or feel joy or peace within.

My experience in practice has strengthened my conviction that adverse experiences can provide the catalyst for us to heal and grow personally and spiritually. Once our innate healing potential has been liberated, our wounds become the portal to re-discovery and meaning and reconnection with our true essence, no matter the time we have nor the challenges we have endured.

As an integrative psychotherapist I work within a holistic framework, drawing from various wisdom traditions together with training from a range of trauma and body focused modalities including EMDR, Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR), Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), somatic psychotherapy and creative approaches and am influenced too by story, the natural world, our interconnection and the joys and challenges gifted though my own history.

I am also very grateful to be one of the EMDR Focus facilitation team!