36 Warley Hill, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5HA
Accredited Practitioner
Unleash your EMDR: Release the Magic Part 1, Unleash your EMDR Part 2 (intergenerational EMDR, parts work, dreams), Laurel Parnell's 3-day practical workshop
Mic Austen

Hi, I started my EMDR training in 2007 but didn't use it until I discovered Attachment-Informed EMDR when my transpersonal psychotherapy training and EMDR really came together in a way that has proved very effective for helping clients really make changes and live life well.

I have studied with Laurel Parnell, the originator of Attachment-Focused EMDR and with Mark Brayne who has brought his own ideas and enthusiasm to the Attachment work.

The Attachment work gave me the tools I needed to change the way I work and get my Accreditation as an EMDR Practitioner.

I now work in a trauma-informed way using Attachment-informed EMDR where necessary to shift early developmental trauma, as well as recent onset symptoms such as anxiety, depression, etc.