Informal Referral Network for Attachment-Informed EMDR Therapy

Visitors to this site or to EMDR Focus seeking psychotherapy from an attachment-informed perspective are invited to peruse the following spreadsheet with details of colleagues trained in this approach.

Note that Braynework and EMDR Focus offer this informal service in good faith, and take no responsibility for any connection or psychotherapy which might ensue from contacts made using the details on the spreadsheet.

That said, good luck, and we hope at Braynework and EMDR Focus that EMDR might help you resolve the issues that have brought you here in the first place.

As you’ll know from either knowing us directly or from browsing this site, we find EMDR to be pretty d*mn amazing, especially when working with an attachment-informed, transpersonal, integrative and imaginative perspective.

And while we can’t guarantee that experience for everyone, it’s well worth a try – and everyone on the spreadsheet here has been through either our own or Laurel Parnell’s training.

All bilateral best from Mark and Jutta Brayne.