Penny Smith-Lee Chong

I am currently available for referrals:No

I'm a Attachment-Informed EMDR therapist, as well as an EMDR Europe-Accredited Consultant and Clinical Supervisor; Chartered Psychologist and HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist.

That's quite a mouthful – really meaning that I'm thoroughly experienced in using EMDR to help my clients heal attachment wounds including Complex PTSD (C-PTSD). Then you can start to truly 'live' your life rather than just 'survive' – often our coping mechanisms are purely survival tool but this is not living.

C-PTSD is actually more common than often thought, and almost always attachment-based wounds underlying.

Attachment is so important in our upbringing, but was not really recognised as such until fairly recently. Most of us don't realise until we have broken relationships, conflict within family, depression, anxiety that underlying these are actually attachment wounds from our own upbringing (what we call in EMDR – small 't' traumas which soon add up).

Furthermore, some of this isn't even our own, but passed down through generations.

Fortunately, AI-EMDR and Intergenerational EMDR can help you heal these wounds and live a full life – truly doing what we humans are meant to do – connect to each other!

Do contact me if you might like me to help you truly live your life and stop just surviving. I look forward to hearing from you. See my website for details.

Address if working in-person as well as online:   Sheffield but moving to south east this year

Level of EMDR certification/accreditation:Yes

Work with Couples:   No

How best to reach me:  Email

Level of training and experience in AI-EMDR:Unleash your EMDR - Release the Magic Part 1, Unleash your EMDR Part 2 (intergenerational, parts, dreams)

Rebecca O'Callaghan

I am currently available for referrals:Yes

I've been a practicing Gestalt Therapist since 2008 and having personal experience of trauma, I have always been drawn to this kind of work. I found EMDR tremendously healing and so embarked on adding that tool to my toolbox in 2018 and am now an Accredited EMDR Practitioner.

I am currently training in Internal Family Systems and find it goes beautifully with EMDR and trauma work.

Overall I would say I integrate many different approaches into my work, blending science and art, trusting my body and my heart, and dancing with connection and disconnection.

First and foremost I find the relationship to be the most important element in the work, which, if providing enough safety, can enable healing, transformation and growth.

EMDR is a powerful tool, along with many psychotherapeutic concepts, modalities and methods, but as they say, “the scalpel does not make the surgeon”.

It is my life's work to continue my deep personal exploration and unfolding of myself, and in so doing, along with my clients' guidance, sharpening my tools and using them with deeper integrity, fluidity, and compassion.

Address if working in-person as well as online:   Cabinteely, Dublin, Ireland. And online.

Level of EMDR certification/accreditation:Yes

Work with Couples:   No

How best to reach me:  Email

Level of training and experience in AI-EMDR:Mark Brayne's Unleash your EMDR Part 1, Mark Brayne's Unleash your EMDR Part 2 (intergenerational, parts, dreams)

Stuart Alderon

I am currently available for referrals:Yes

Welcome – Those that seek me out usually have a tale to tell and I imagine you’re the same. I’d like to invite you to tell me about your ups and downs and all your in-betweens and all the things you’ve lost and gained. I imagine some of it might be challenging to tell and parts of it you’ve never shared with anyone else and somewhere in there; I know there is an aspect of you that just cannot find a way to move forward. I imagine you’d like to get this moving again; this is I guess is why you’re reading this and this is where I help.

I’ve learnt that if I really listen to you and in the most accepting way, your own deep insights will emerge and you’ll start to see solutions to problems and begin to experience change in your life and in a satisfying way.

I can imagine you’ve felt the way you do for some time, and hope you can begin to feel hopeful or even excited now about the possibility of change; of freeing yourself from unhelpful thoughts about yourself and the world and getting back on track. Now you know where I am all you have to do is get in touch. So lets begin….

I will work collaboratively with you, respecting your culture and background and will draw from all of my experience and the tools available to me so that we together can find the necessary approach that will enable you to move forward in positive ways giving you a more fulfilling experience of life.

What I hope to offer you as individual therapy is an approach which I want to be warm and refreshing and can quickly get to the heart of your issues. I hope to support you by providing you a range of ways to accurately match your need, in the most effective and time efficient way and in the spirit of openness and acceptance.

I want your experience of therapy to be refreshingly brief and, as far as possible, an enjoyable/rewarding experience, particularly when long standing issues might be resolved.

I will use a combination of talking therapy, standard EMDR for single incident adult trauma and also AI-EMDR to help you work through early issues in the hope of helping you to achieve personal growth and balance.

I practice from a discreet and private studio in Forest Gate , East London and you can be assured of a comfortable safe and private environment.
I also offer to work remotely with you using Bilateral Base which is a dedicated secure programme designed for those who work with EMDR.

EMDR can be particular helpful in the following areas – EMDR for Stress and Anxiety – EMDR and for Anger issues– EMDR and for Childhood issues – – EMDR and Counselling for Personal Growth and Development – EMDR for Personal Loss and Bereavement – EMDR for for Eating Disorders – EMDR and Counselling for Sexual Compulsivity. EMDR for sexual and emotional abuse and wide range of other issues

My practice in Forest Gate is within easy reach of: Leytonstone, Stratford, Leyton, Walthamstow, East Ham, West Ham, Ilford, Wanstead, Mile End, Bow, Whitechapel, Woodford, South Woodford, Buckhurst Hill, Loughton

Address if working in-person as well as online:   Forest Gate, London E7 0AW

Level of EMDR certification/accreditation:Yes

Work with Couples:   No

How best to reach me:  Via Website

Level of training and experience in AI-EMDR:Laurel Parnell's 3-day Practical Workshop in Advanced Clinical EMDR Skills