Jutta Testimonials


With thanks to those with whom Jutta has had the privilege of working with EMDR, a selection of client comments on how this therapy journey unfolded.

After coping with several life changing events over the last few years, life had settled down, however the stress and emotions which I thought I had dealt with suddenly seemed to have taken over and I reached a very low point.

Whilst I had dealt with the practical changes I realised how much stress I was holding onto which was effecting my physical and mental wellbeing.

Jutta’s guidance through the EMDR processing has resulted in a noticeable positive change both on an emotional level as well as a significant improvement in my physical health.

It’s been a challenge, but in just 10 sessions I am more confident, positive and sure of myself than I’ve ever been and know that this experience will continue to move me forwards in both my personal and professional life.

I’m continuing to benefit from the EMDR, those around me are noticing a change in me and I can truly say this is the best I’ve felt in every respect. Thank you so much Jutta.